The world feels heavy right now.

The climate is burning, our futures uncertain. household bills and energy costs are soaring. Stories of hate and discrimination are rife. We are divided on all levels, the rich continue to get richer whilst the vast majority of us are left behind, the their dust.

We struggle with the juggle, is it really possible to spin so many plates? We must be good parents, keep our homes, remain ambitious and loyal employees. We must find time for ourselves, enjoy our hobbies and look after our mental health. As if? As humans we know that this is not the right model. That this here model leads to one thing and one thing only; burnout. We’re more tired than we have ever been. More drained, sicker, more broken hearted and yet so much is expected of us. It’s paradoxal.

Yet, amongst the increased darkness, in between the rifts and the ravines of the gut wrenching, soul shaking headlines there is light. There are pockets of motherly gangs, working together arm in arm to fight against the bullshit. We have activist teams, burrowing away in their spaces, creating and fighting for what is right. Teams are building and bonds are being made. We are working underground, in the background, just waiting for our moment.

We rally around each other, advocate for one another and lead with determination but most importantly passion. We love and laugh and make good. We are what will change the world and whether the Tories, the Republicans or the billionaires like it or not, we are coming for you. We know what we want, we know our birth given rights and we will ensure that the rest of the world does too.

We are not asking for your acceptance and certainly, we do not need your permission. We do not need you to bend your rules for us rebels. We are the rebellion and we will create a better world for ourselves and our children. Just watch us.