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Let me write so that you don’t have to…

Short & Snappy | up-to 500 Words

Perfect for Social Media posts, emails and Newsletters. Don’t waste your valuable time thinking of captions, try me!

The Sweet Spot | 500-1500 Words

This is your guy if you need an Article, more in-depth Blog Post, or perhaps you have a need for more regular retained work?

Big & Bold | 1500+

Do you have a Custom Project, White Paper or the skeleton of a Book you need fleshing out? Let’s get down and dirty, I love a project.

How I can help:
  • Engage your audience and increase your readership
  • Provide fresh and exciting Content or Copywriting in your brand tone
  • Give you back your time to focus on your business
  • Increase your leads and convert more sales
  • Ensure your clients can easily find you online
  • See more Here.
Who am I?

Hi, my name is Harriet 👋🏻

Find out why I do what I do, how I got into it and who I do it for Here.

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Do you have ideas in your head that you can’t quite get on paper? Do you have a flourishing business that requires a little extra splash of (insert your fav’ liquor here) to bring it to life and find your target audience? Whatever you’re working on or need help finding the words for I’d love to help!


Great! Send it over and I’ll get stuck in. No worries if not, I can undertake the research, help you shape your plan and find your voice. It will be fun, I promise!

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need A LIL’ MORE?

Do you have a need for regular and retained work? If my schedule permits, I can offer you my retainer service. I’ll put time aside for you every week or month for a set price and in turn you get regular content for you business to ensure your online presence is always active and fresh!

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When the world is on fire, don’t forget to delve within its depths…

The world feels heavy right now. The climate is burning, our futures uncertain. household bills and energy costs are soaring. Stories of hate and discrimination are rife. We are divided on all levels, the rich continue to get richer whilst the vast majority of us are left behind, the their dust. We struggle with the…

A love letter to myself

It’s been a bit of a revelation this understanding of the feeling in the pit of my stomach. For so long I’ve been wondering why, wondering where it comes from and how it catches me off guard at 4:00am. It’s difficult to describe, over the past decade, I haven’t been sad or depressed, per say.…

I am a writer, remember?

It’s been almost a decade. Wouah, that makes it sound more dramatic than it is.  Actually fuck that. It is dramatic.  It’s been almost a decade that I’ve been depriving myself from living as my true self. If you know me you may be thinking, hang on a minute. You’ve been openly gay, married to…